Learn how to use LED continous lighting

with Tina Eisen.

Tina Eisen

Tina is an editorial and commercial beauty and fashion photographer based in London, UK. With over ten years of experience in the industry, Tina has worked with clients such as MaxFactor, Sephora, Ciate, Superdrug, Harvey Nichols, ASOS, Marks & Spencer, ITV, Amazon, Barbour and numerous other well-known global brands and magazines. Tina's Beauty Photography workshops in Europe and North America, her publications and online tutorials are popular amongst a global audience.

The equipment you will learn to use.

Virtually any quality continuous lighting product will be right for you to put into practice the techniques illustrated in this series of video tutorials. The added value of Lupo LED Fresnels and LED panels is represented by their simplicity of use, their flexible mains or battery use (Fresnel LED), their contained volume and weight and their immediacy, that guarantees highest quality. Obviously, the important thing is to apply the fundamental concepts and to never stop learning and developing in your own art.

Tina’s style.

“The art of creating a meticulous beauty image has an unmistakable formula. When the nuances of multiple elements come together, you get the perfect beauty picture. Everything from crafting the perfect pose, team selection, the right modifiers, position of the lights, and the settings plays a role in this and if anything is no there, the image falls apart. It all comes together to create magic!” So check out these wonderful lighting tutorials and learn with Tina to use at best LED continuous lighting and create outstanding images! For more high quality teaching from Tina, make sure you check out the Online Classes section on her website.