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Quadrilight Dimmer 4 x 55

Code 132

Quadrilight DMX 4 x 55

Fluorescent lights by Lupo.
Guarantee of a high chromatic rendering.

Portraits with Lupo fluorescent lights.

The light emitted by the Lupo fluorescent lights is a soft, homogenous and enveloping light with a high colour performance. Photographs shot with Lupo lights have a distinct lightening and luminous effect on the skin, with no shadows and with an exceptionally modern look. The special multi-phosphor lamps, a Lupo exclusive, have a duration of over 10,000 hours.

Technical data

Fluorescence tubes: 4 Lupo multiphosphor fluorescent lamps
CRI (colour rendering index): > 90
Colour temperature: 5600 K or 3200 K
Light output: equivalent to approximately 1500 W tungsten
Weight: 4.2 kg (9 lb)
Dimensions: 600 x 295 x 50 mm (23 x 11.5 x 2 in)
Mains operation: 90 V — 240 V
Frequency: 50Hz — 60 Hz
Consumption: 220 W
Dimmer: intensity control 0% — 100%
Flicker Free Technology
Filter holder: available as an accessory
DMX control: optional (integrated in the DMX version)
Instant restrike

Quality and reliability.

Robust body that lasts for years.

The Quadrilight, like all Lupo lighting products and Lupo accessories, was developed to provide professional performances and is built with high quality components. Lupo products are designed to be reliable over time. The eye-catching design and the functionality of the Quadrilight are the highlights of this compact and versatile fluorescent fixture for photographic shoots and video footage. The unique Lupo fluorescent tubes guarantee you an excellent chromatic output (CRI > 90) and by choosing a model of the Lupo range you have the certainty that you are relying on a high quality and professional level product.

Fashion and ceremony.

Continuous light with Lupo fluorescent lights.
The beauty of simplicity.

Lupo fluorescent fixtures are particularly ideal for fashion and ceremony photography. The Starlight and Quadrilight models are perfect for carrying anywhere with their dedicated bags. The Superlight and Striplight models and are ideal for whole figures and can also be transported with their respective padded bags, when needed. By using Lupo continuous light fluorescent lamp models, you will have at hand the quality of light that you desire with an unbeatable simplicity of use.

Integrated 0% — 100% dimmer.

Ease of use and guaranteed results.

All Lupo fluorescent models have an integrated dimmer to adjust the light intensity. This feature makes them versatile and practical in the use of all models, thus allowing you to change the set illuminated with your Lupo lights in just a few seconds. The colour temperature remains accurate without variations, even when the intensity is increased or reduced.

Complete range
of accessories for every need.

All products of the Lupo fluorescent range (Starlight, Quadrilight, Superlight, Striplight) are compatible with a wide range of accessories: transport bags, stands, clamps, coloured gelatin filter holders and honeycomb grids. By clicking on the link below you can see the full range of accessories for Quadrilight.

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